Bones & Scully

A Swashbuckling Stage Spectacle!

Avast, me mateys! Join Bones, Scully and their bumbling crew of pirates as they defend the title of “Pirate Crew of the Year”! Help them defend their treasure from the Bandits of Pirate’s Bay in this action-packed musical. Adventure awaits!


Ages 2-12

Not Scary

Approx 30 minutes

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Bones & Scully is a thrilling musical adventure on the high seas!

The coveted title of “Pirate Crew of the Year” is awarded to only the best pirate crew around! Bones and Scully and their clumsy crew have managed to hang on to the title – and their treasure – for a long time. But this year, the Bandits of Pirate’s Bay are looking to take all of that away!

Join the pirate leader Bones as he struggles to keep his treasure safe from bandits, the trustworthy Scully as he helps the crew win “Pirate Crew of the Year”, and the confused Frank as he wonders whether or not he’s meant to be a pirate!